I have spent the past 35 years working in the United States and around the globe. First as a U.S. Navy Cryptologist and after as a U.S. Navy SEAL in direct action anti and counter terrorism work and then, after active duty, as a business owner, specializing in violence prevention and response, threat assessment, fugitive and trafficked persons retrieval, surveillance and counter surveillance, weapons and tactics instructor, range safety officer, safety diver and combat swimming instructor, and mentor and instructor in the above subjects.


I was voted one of the top 100 most influential trainers/mentors of the 20th century. I am the lead mentor/instructor and National Director for the U.S. Navy SEAL Candidate program. Eagle One is a diversity program which boasts the highest successful graduation rate of any Navy SEAL candidate training program in the country.


My passion is my work. I am as tireless as I am motivated. I deliver security training seminars and develop security details and strategies around the country. I maintain a cutting edge understanding of national and international threat assessment and violence prevention and direct action plan implementation.


I have spent over 35 years in security operations, management and the direct action work in the field and the classroom. I am highly skilled and very flexible in all three areas. I can work as well in military environments as I can in the civilian sector and I navigate between both many times per year. I have worked with a variety of amazing, faculty, community members, congregants, foreign services, D.O.D., military both active and reserve, professional corporations of all sizes, C Level Executives, students from K- graduate school. I have the highest level of moral and ethical integrity, and I am relentless in my pursuit of team and individual excellence in performance.

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John B. MacLaren

John B. MacLaren  |  Training at the Speed of Life, Los Angeles, CA 90064