The Journey Begins

U.S. Navy SEAL/SWCC and Special Forces candidate training


20% of BUD/S students graduate on their own with no outside program assistance, but 96% of our Eagle One candidates graduate and become top quality members of the United States Navy SEAL, SWCC, and special forces!

In addition to committed Navy SEAL Candidates, Eagle One also welcomes men and women who are not interested in the military or are unsure of their interest. Eagle One is a mentorship program and not a recruiting program. Our mission is to help you become the top 10% of ANY career choice that you pursue. If you can commit to the program and its requirements, then you are welcome to apply. Our non-military candidates have gone on to be one of the best in every field. Lead from the front wherever you decide to go in your life!


As a member of Eagle One, you will become the candidate and the human being that you need be to succeed in your chosen Special forces and Special Ops training programs. Our SEAL Instructors will mentor and train you to not only graduate from but to be in the top 10% in your new platoon or team downrange. Sound unbelievable? You’d think so until you see how hard you’ll work, train, practice, and compete at Team Eagle One. We consistently raise the bar.  There is no end to what you can achieve.

Lead from the Front

Coach Mac

“Out of every one hundred men, ten shouldn't even be there,

eighty are just targets, nine are the real fighters,

and we are lucky to have them, for they make the battle.

Ah, but the one, one is a warrior, and he will bring the others back.”

~ Heraclitus

The Candidates

Eagle One candidates are extremely diverse demographically; they are white, black, Asian, Latino, Christian, Catholic, Jewish, or Muslim. Any other faith or culture that I have forgotten to list here is are welcome. We have one standard at Eagle One for all, and all meet or exceed that standard.

At Eagle One, we exist for the mission and each other. Our successful candidates may have struggled to graduate high school or stay out of gangs while others have experienced straight A’s at Yale, USC, or UCLA.

An Eagle One candidate is a teammate first, last, and always. You bring your ability and the will never to quit, and we will show you the power of being an individual on a team that knows no limits.

The program

The Team Eagle One (TE1) program is very simply the most challenging and the most successful preparatory program in this country.

This success level is by design because our teammates' lives in the special operations community depend on our ability to go above and beyond, no matter what the mission requires. As the SEAL ETHOS says, "I am that man."  Each of our active TE1 teammates is becoming "That man" who is never out of the fight!

The Eagle One program is ALWAYS free to candidates except for uniform purchases and is open to willing and highly motivated participants age 16-32 who can commit to regular attendance.

The coaches

Your Mentor/Coach at Eagle One will be a former or active duty United States Navy SEAL. Every coach at Eagle One supports a single mission focus, and that is to provide the Navy SEAL Team and other Special Ops programs with the most qualified candidates and teammates that the country has to offer.

Every Coach at Eagle One has been there in training and the field, and it is our distinct privilege to support the Military and The SEAL Teams by making sure that you are not only prepared for the training program that you are entering into but also that you are morally, ethically and physically prepared to enter the world of Special Operators who have set a standard that is unequaled in the land.

WE TRAIN, LIKE WE FIght.  on target, on time, every time!

Maxum, our Eagle One Navy SEAL dog thanks you for your generous support.

help us help these young men and women

The Eagle One 501C3 non-profit program exists entirely on instructor volunteer hours and your donations, grants, and corporate funding. Each city that we operate in has an overall expense, including pool rentals, equipment training, and competition fees of thousands per year, per city, so yes, we very much need your help to maintain the quality of training that these young men and women deserve. Your tax-deductible personal and corporate donations are the lifeblood of this team. They allow us to continue to provide the physical, mental, moral, and ethical mentorship to hundreds of young men and women. It is my privilege and the privilege of all of our instructors to serve this country, this community, and serve the men and women entering into Special warfare and special operations world. Hooyah!

Coach John B. MacLaren
Class 146

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