Testimonials from past candidates

Petty Office Y

Eagle One has been a vital part of my training.  I have been a part of it for about a year, and the difference from where I was before is night and day from where I am now. I showed up and was immediately surrounded by like-minded, driven and motivated men like myself.  We all push each other to be the best that we can be. The coaching and instructor staff are friendly, professional, and knowledgeable and always positive. Eagle One sets young men up for success in the United States Armed Forces by teaching them core values and leadership skills necessary for success. Thank you Eagle One and all the coaching staff for everything you have done for me.

Candidate K

Eagle One not only identifies the virtues of excellent character, but it slowly structures and shapes this necessary ethos into a way of life for its members. Eagle One shapes boys into men.

Candidate S

I have been a member of Eagle One for about ten months now. The level of mentorship that this program provides is the best you will ever find anywhere.  Coach Mac has shown me my individual path to success and what to do to become a man worthy of achieving my dream of joining the elite teams of our US military or just winning in life.  For this I am forever grateful.

The Eagle One program provides mentors who are dedicated and motivated to cultivate the next generation of our nation’s elite warriors. To be a part of this experience is not only awesome, it is competent life changing. Coach Mac has instilled in us mental toughness and necessary quality of working as a team. At Eagle One, I have begun to succeed in my mind and I have become more mentally, ethically, morally, and physically primed  before going to my individual military training programs.

Ensign E

Eagle One has been an enormous reason for my success as a Navy ROTC Midshipman who graduated from the University of Southern California. The training program has shown me better ways to lead and have success in the teams.

Coach Mac has shown relentless devotion to this program and the people in it. He is an amazing mentor to us all and it is this program that will define the future of our countries defense. There are no other training programs comparable to this one.

Candidate B

Coach Mac and Eagle One, have developed our mental toughness, team mentality, and the importance of functioning as a unit and looking out for each other. These essential aspects that Coach Mac has instilled in us are what makes this program have so highly successful. I am humbled to be a part of such a great program.

John B. MacLaren  |  Training at the Speed of Life, Los Angeles, CA 90064